Worried about the economy and the food in your larder? Grab my e-book

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Are you worried about the economy?  Most of the folks I talk to are wondering what the damaging weather in the midwest will mean to their food dollars this year.  They’re thinking that things could get worse, a lot worse.  And frankly, they’re discouraged and they feel vulnerable to the powers that are beyond their […]

Earache remedies – How to Make Mullein Flower Oil

Earache remedies – How to Make Mullein Flower Oil -- Joybilee Farm

What’s mullein Mullein is a biennial plant of pastures and waste places. It has some amazing therapeutic properties including pain relief, drying secretions, being antimicrobial, and lymph draining. It reduces inflammation. It’s especially helpful during colds and flu because it loosens mucus and relieves coughing. You can get this benefit by drying the leaves anytime […]

Light reading, beautiful pictures

Summer Reading -- Joybilee Farm

Infuse, oil, spirit, water by Eric Prum and Josh Williams. Clarkson Potter/ Publishers: New York, 2015 3 ½ stars     I picked this book, Infuse, oil, spirit, water by Eric Prum and Josh Williams because the book was listed under “Canning and Preserving”. It was mislabelled. The book has nothing to do with Food […]

42 zero waste habits for living green that will save you money

42 zero-waste habits for living green that will save you money -- Joybilee Farm

So many zero waste, living green intentions are bound to fail unless they become habits. Very often I go to the grocery store and come home with my groceries in plastic bags, while I have a dozen cloth bags hanging on a hook right inside the back door, on the way to the car port. […]

How to stop bleeding with yarrow

How to stop bleeding with yarrow 2

How to make a natural styptic powder from yarrow leaves Cuts from shaving can be annoying. Especially when you have to run to work and you’re bleeding profusely. We had a waxy styptic pencil once that you moistened in water and applied to the wound to stop the bleeding. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.  […]

Herbs to know, herbs to grow: Peppermint

Herbs to know, herbs to grow: Mint

What do you think of when you hear the word “peppermint”?  Do you think of the cooling cup of ? Or the you keep in your purse?  Or perhaps you consider the fragrant herb that you brush past on the way through the garden gate at your neighbor’s house.  Are you growing peppermint in your […]

How to make chapatis (unleavened bread)

Chapatis puffed

Chapatis are basic unleavened bread — made without yeast.  They can be made with just 3 simple ingredients flour, water, and salt. In this recipe I’ve used whole wheat flour, and flax seed for extra fiber, but you can successfully make chapatis with just all purpose flour, omitting the flax and bran. Chapatis can be […]

Real Life Homesteading — the Answer to “And what did YOU do today?”

Real Life Homesteading -- Joybilee Farm

Some of my friends think I sit at my computer on Facebook all day.  Others think I just sit in the garden playing with my lambs and kids and enjoying life.  And still others suggest that, it must be a lot of work.  The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between these extremes.  Today I […]